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The Lacking Letter from the English Alphabet by @ttunguz

Earlier than the Second World Struggle, King George journaled the top of Neville Chamberlain’s time period as prime minister:

“I accepted his resignation, & instructed him how grossly unfairly I assumed he had been handled, & that I used to be terribly sorry that each one this controversy had occurred. … I despatched for Winston & requested him to kind a Authorities. This he accepted & instructed me he had not thought this was the rationale for my having despatched for him.”

5 ampersands! In three sentences! Written by a king! Of England!

I used to be excited by this grammar. I questioned why an abbreviation for the fifth hottest phrase within the English language doesn’t grace each textual content, e-mail, and e-book immediately, because it did then.

Time for a Wikipedia journey. Within the mid-1800s, “&” served because the twenty seventh letter of the English language.

However when the creator of the now-ubiquitous ditty “ABCDEFG” sought to rhyme “Now I do know my ABCs,” Z usurped “&”. In any case, what rhymes with ampersand?

Over time, “&” fell from its regal perch as a letter.

However I believe it’s time for a comeback. I’m changing the three keystrokes “a-n-d” with “&” in emails and weblog posts.

A pyrrhic productiveness win or an homage to the Queen’s English?

It’s not an both/or.

It’s an &.



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